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Best Travel Groups for Singles in 2023

Overview of the Best Travel Groups for Singles 


Are you looking to travel the world solo or with a small group of people and you don’t want the stress that comes along with planning a trip? Or this is the first time traveling solo and don’t know where to begin? Or you simply want to make friends while visiting some of the coolest destinations on earth?

Then traveling with a tour agency might be the way for you! 

Traveling with a tour group offers amazing benefits such as all inclusive or hassle free trip planning, making friends, and getting to see the highlight of your dream destination with a local expert. 

However, with dozens of travel groups for singles, how do you choose the best one? 

As a solo traveler, I understand the daunting task of finding a tour group that travels to your dream designation, in your style, on a budget that you can afford. 

Luckily, I have compiled a list of the best travel groups for singles that I have personally used or have researched heavily into. 

So you can easily find the best travel groups for singles that fits your travel needs, style, and budget so you can sit back and enjoy your travel adventure! 

Comparison of Travel Groups for Singles:

Travel Companies:Best For:Destinations Optional Add-On Excursions/ Activities Cost includes Flights?
Intrepid TravelAdventurous and sustainably focused travelersOver 1,000 trips in more than 100 countriesYesNo
EF-Ultimate break18-35 year old travelers that want hassle free travelingOver 120 Trips YesYes*
Overseas Adventure TravelTravelers 50+ years oldVarious lands and ship toursYesYes
For The Love of TravelSolo travelers aged 25-3927+ Country Destinations NoNo

* Included within most tours or you can book them yourself

If you’re torn between choosing to travel alone or with a group, the answer is simple. You can both travel solo and with a group! I have done this many times when traveling across Europe and Africa and I highly recommend it for you. 

For example, you can arrive early or stay later at your destination, so you can enjoy the freedom and confidence from traveling solo, while benefiting from the worry free and relaxing adventures that traveling with a group can bring. 



  • Various styles and themes for traveling
  • Sustainably focus and committed to climate action 
  • Guaranteed departures once one traveler has paid in full
  • Optional add-on excursions


  • Price is slightly more expensive compared to competitors
  • Flights are not included in the cost.


Intrepid is great for solo travelers or small groups looking to travel with like-minded individuals while having a wide variety of travel options to fit their travel styles, budgets, and needs.

With over 1,000 trips in more than 100 countries, you are sure to find an itinerary at your dream destination! 

They also offer a diverse array of tour styles from women’s expenditure, foodie tours, adventurous, hiking, and family-styled traveling. So there’s something for everyone! Plus, with different pricing packages from premium to basic, you are sure to find a tour that fits your travel needs and budget. 

Another awesome thing about Intrepid is that you have the choice to add optional excursions to your itinerary so you can enjoy the full benefits that your destination has to offer.

I personally traveled with Intrepid in 2022 during my birthday trip to Andorra, and I absolutely loved them!

DV traveling with intrepid in Andorra
DV traveling with intrepid in Andorra

One of my personal favorite things about Intrepid is their dedication to sustainable travel destinations, responsible tourism, supporting local communities, and they are B Corp Certified! 

This means you can feel good as you travel since you are supporting local communities and minimizing the environmental footprint while you travel. 

Another great thing about Intrepid is as long as 1 full-paying traveler is booked, the tour is guaranteed to run! So you can ensure that your tour is going to run once you have paid in full.  

However, please note that Intrepid is slightly on the more expensive side, but they are constantly running discounts and rates so you can find the best deal! 

Intrepid also has a smaller group size ranging from 1-16 people so you can have a close relationship with your local guide and fellow travelers!

Some trips even allow travelers, as young as 15 years old, to participate in adventures with you! This is great if you want to bring your younger sibling or child on an adventure with you. 

Overall, Intrepid offers travelers an authentic experience, with fun adventures around every corner, along with meaningful interactions with local cultures and environments. 

My Recommendation to you:

As an environmentalist and avid solo traveler, I highly recommend Intrepid for solo or small grouped travelers looking for amazing adventures while leaving a positive impact on the environment. 

EF-Ultimate Break: 


  • All inclusive and hassle free trip planning
  • Easy and flexible payment plans
  • Most tours have flights included in price
  • Optional add-on excursions


  • Age Restricted to only 18-35 year old travelers
  • Trip can be canceled if not enough people book the trip


EF Ultimate Break, a division of the global education company EF (Education First), offers unique travel experiences for young travelers aged 18-35 years old. 

EF offers educational, value-packed, and safe travel experiences, which is great for younger travelers craving adventure without the hassle of planning an international trip. But keep in mind that you are paying a higher premium for an all inclusive and hassle free trip. However, EF Ultimate Break is always running awesome discounts, so you can always find a great deal. 

DV traveling with EF Ultimate Break
DV Traveling with EF Ultimate break

I have personally traveled with EF Ultimate break to Kenya this past summer, 2023 and I absolutely loved them! They took care of everything from flights to hotel accommodations and excursion scheduling. They even tell you all the required travel documentations that you need, so you do not have to worry about anything!

Plus, you also have the opportunity to add optional excursions to your itinerary so you can enjoy the full benefits that your destination has to offer.

If you love to be in big groups, then EF is great for you as tours can vary in size, but can go up to 44 travelers. So you are sure to make friends with people on the trip. 

However, please be aware that some tours may be canceled if not enough people sign up. So this may be nerve racking if you choose a less popular destination or itinerary.

My Recommendation to You:

Whether you are traveling alone, with a small or large group of people, and want all-inclusive, hassle-free, and luxurious traveling and don’t mind paying slightly higher prices, I would recommend EF Ultimate Break.  

Overseas Adventure Travel:


  • Suited for active senior travelers
  • Best Price Guarantee or they match! 
  • Roommate matching program
  • Environmentally friendly focus 
  • Optional Travel Protection Plan to protect your trip


  • Not suited for younger travelers
  • Travel Protection Plan comes at a high costing premium


Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), is a travel company specializing in immersive and off-the-beaten-path international adventures. OAT specializes in vacations for travelers over 50, making it a great choice for more experienced people wanting fun and hassle free travel experiences. However, travelers can also bring grandchildren aged 13 and older on trips. 

Seniors holding hands traveling

OAT also offers both land and ship tours, so you can choose the perfect international destination for you! 

Plus, OAT offers all inclusive traveling, with flights, accommodations, transportation, etc included in the price. OAT also offers the option for travelers to personalize their experience by going early or extending their trip. 

You also have the unique option to add additional excursions and a travel protection plan! 

The best part of OAT is that they have the best price guarantee for comparable trips and activities compared to competitors or they match the price of the trip! 

Not many tour companies offer this, so you should definitely take advantage of this unique feature with OAT! 

Oat also has small group tours of less than 16 people for land tours and 25 people for ship tours. This can help you ensure you have a unique and meaningful experience with your tour guide and fellow travelers. 

Plus, not only does OAT provide a room matching service, but they also provide a companion service community where you can connect with like minded travelers. 

OAT’s reputation for genuine, intimate, and inclusive travel experiences positions makes it a great choice for senior travelers looking to explore the world’s diverse cultures and landscapes.

My Recommendation to you:

If you are a senior traveler over the age of 50, and want an all inclusive traveling with little to no worries on your end. Then I would highly recommend Overseas Travel Adventure!

No really, I would recommend OAT to my Grandma! 

For The Love of Travel:


  • Designed for hassle free travel experience 
  • Travel with likeminded people 
  • 1000+ 5 star reviews on their website 
  • Initial payment with 3 installments for financial flexibility


  • Age restricted 
  • Cost does not include flight
  • No additional option for add on excursions 
  • Limited number of destinations compared to competitors 


Designed for solo travelers, For the Love of Travel (FTLOT), is designed for you to meet new people while exploring other cultures and having unique experiences. They strive to create a memorable experience for millennials and Gen Z (25-39 year old) travelers. 

FTLOT also offers diverse itineraries for trips ranging from weekends to nine days, focusing on unique experiences and destinations. Such as taking an extended trip to Costa Rica to relax in hammocks and hike through the rainforest!  

There are also around 27 travel destinations currently available, however, FTLOT is constantly adding new trips every year, so be sure to check back often! 

Also, the prices are slightly more expensive compared to competitors, but you are paying for a hassle-free travel experience. Where you can just sit back and enjoy your trip! 

Plus, payments are broken down into an initial $500 payment with 3 additional installments for travelers. Unfortunately, the cost does not include; flights, airport transfers, mandatory trip insurance, meals not mentioned, and incidental experiences. 

Trips run from between 5-15 people, with an average group size of 10. This is great so you can ensure to have a private one-on-one experience with your guide while building a close relationship with other travelers. 

FTLOT is also designed to meet in the middle for both budgeted and luxurious travelers. For example, they might opt for more basic hotels if that means that exclusive or luxury experiences are included. 

My Recommendation to you: 

If you are a solo traveler between the ages of 25-39 and are looking to meet new friends and potentially find love while visiting some of the coolest places on earth, then I would recommend For The Love of Travel. 

How We Conducted Our Researched 

Company Selection: I initiated my research by identifying a range of travel companies with a reputation for catering to solo travelers. A couple of companies were chosen based on my personal experience using them or general knowledge of them. 

Only the travel companies discussed in this article were compared and evaluated. 

Official Websites and Offerings: I visited the official website of each company’s official website to get a feel for their offered tours, destinations, and unique selling points. By exploring their website firsthand, I could gain insight into their focus, target demographic, and style of travel.

Consistent Criteria for Evaluation: To ensure fairness, I maintained a uniform set of criteria when assessing each company. This included evaluating the range of destinations, types of tours, group size, accommodation style, included activities, and any special features tailored for solo travelers. 

This consistent approach was essential to ensure a level playing field in my comparisons.

Company Offerings Analysis: Once I gathered the necessary information, I analyzed the offerings of each travel company. I focused on key factors such as the number of destinations/tours available, quality of accommodation, additional add-on options, included items in the price, and any added value for solo travelers, such as no single supplements or connecting travelers with roommates.

Personal Judgment & Preferences: I studied the primary benefits to travelers and the pros and cons of each company based on my personal judgment, experience, preference, and limited research. 

This analysis allowed me to offer readers a comprehensive overview of what each company uniquely offers to solo travelers.

Pricing and Offerings: Costs were not discussed in depth because each company travels to different destinations, for various lengths and accommodations, making it extremely difficult to compare a fair cost for cost value. For the most accurate pricing information, I recommend visiting each company’s official website.

Transparency: I am in no way compensated for my review of these travel companies. My review is based on my limited research and my own opinions. 


Whether you’re 18 or 80 years old, looking for hassle-free traveling that ensures you have the adventure of a lifetime on a budget that you can afford, these are some of the best travel groups for singles!

Plus, these best travel groups for singles exceed the fact that when you’re traveling solo, you’re never alone. So you can potentially find lifelong friends, travel partners, or even love as you’re exploring the world! 

I mean, what’s better than that! 

But before you travel, make sure you get the best solo travel insurance that protects your trip and adventurous activities! 

So whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, deep cultural immersion, or simply a break from your daily routine, there’s a travel group that will fit your unique needs.

I encourage you to take the plunge and use one of these great companies as you travel the world on your next solo journey! 

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