Travel Solo Vs Group Travel, which one is right for you?

Solo Travel Vs Group Travel. Which One Is Right For You?


Do you:

Have serious safety concerns? Go somewhere else or travel with a group

Want complete freedom of your travels? Try solo traveling

Want to enjoy a trip with little to no planning? Try traveling with a group

Have a strict budget? Try solo traveling

Want to make new friends? Try both! 

Traveling Solo: It’s your trip, on your terms! You can make spontaneous decisions to enhance your trip in unique and amazing ways. However, you carry the burden of being the sole decision maker and trip planner.   

Traveling With A Group: You have the complete luxury to enjoy a vacation with little to no planning on your part. However, you’re typically stuck to a set itinerary and you pay a higher premium for hands off travel planning. However, the friends and places you enjoy, always makes the trip well worth it!  

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Are you feeling stuck choosing solo travel Vs. group travel? Whether it’s your first time traveling alone, traveling internationally, or you have concerns about traveling in general, deciding between a solo or group trip is a big decision. One that will change your experience when you travel. 

So how do you choose?

Travel Solo Vs Group Travel Comparison chart
Comparison chart to help you determine if traveling solo or with a group is right for you.

Well in this article, we will give you the ultimate factors when deciding to solo travel vs group travel. Such as understanding the pros and cons, overview, and my honest opinion of which option may be best for you. 

As both a solo traveler and frequent group traveler, I have been in your shoes… multiple times. This is exactly why I want to help you make the best decision for yourself. 

Whether you’re just learning how to travel solo, or you have never traveled with a group before, you will gain the confidence to understand which option is best for you and under which circumstance.


Traveling Solo:


  • Easily blend in with the locals 


  • Might be seen as an easy target in some places.
  • Maybe more of a target if your a minority group in certain area


Safety concerns are one of the main factors when considering solo travel vs group travel.  

Let’s admit something…. All solo travelers (regardless of experience) have some concern for their safety throughout the trip. This is normal, as your safety is the top priority when traveling.  

However, setting your fears aside, traveling solo is safe. 

But, just like any form of traveling, there are associated risks when traveling alone. 

For example, if you are traveling alone then you may be viewed as an easy target. Especially, if you are of the minority group and travel to a higher-risk area. This is not to scare you, it is simply to ensure you are aware of certain risks. 

However, by taking the proper precautions and knowing some solo safety travel tips, you can help reduce your chances of being an easy target. 

If you have major concerns about traveling alone, then do not risk it. Travel in a group or with a company that you feel safe with. Or do not travel to that area. 

Your safety is always the top priority. 

But I promise, there are plenty of great solo travel destinations that prioritize safety that I would highly recommend for first-time solo travelers. 

If you want to start off small within your local city, then I would highly recommend visiting the best places to travel solo within the US. This can help you build your confidence when traveling so you can tackle those overseas destinations with ease.

My Honest Opinion: 

If you’re someone who feels confident navigating new environments and loves the challenge of fitting in, solo travel might be a thrilling adventure for you. 

However, if you are traveling to a high-risk area and/or have serious concerns for your safety, then reconsider traveling to that location or travel with a trusted group. 

Group Tour:


  • Safety in numbers. 
  • Local insight on areas to avoid.
  • Can feel more safer when traveling to higher risk areas


  • Attract more attention in larger groups


Traveling in a respected group has its safety advantages. 

You have safety in numbers, plus, you’re traveling with a local expert. Your guide will know all the scams, tourist traps, and vendors to stay away from. Their guidance is priceless and your safety is their top priority. 

Traveling with a group is also a great option if you have other concerns such as not understanding the local language or concerns about how to get around the country. (This shouldn’t deter you from traveling solo, but it is based on your own preference level) 

Just keep in mind that larger groups can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb, making you unmistakably “touristy”. 

This can draw attention, both wanted (like local vendors) and unwanted attention.

My Honest Opinion: 

Traveling with a group is a great option if you are traveling abroad for the first time and have serious concerns for your safety. Or if you simply do not understand the transportation system or have a language barrier, then traveling with a group would be highly recommended.  

But if you’re after a more discreet experience and want to escape the ‘tourist’ label, then traveling with a large group might not be the best fit for you.

Regardless of how you’re traveling, your safety is top priority. So make sure you’re protecting yourself and assets, and get the best travel insurance for yourself.  

Social Experience

Traveling Solo:


  • Opportunity to meet new people,
  • make friends, 
  • engage with locals more intimately.


  • Potential feelings of loneliness or isolation. 
  • Safety concerns in certain areas.


Traveling alone can be a thrilling and freeing adventure. 

This may be super exciting if you’re the type who loves diving into deep, genuine conversations or cherishes those spontaneous moments. 

Every time that you travel solo, you can be whoever you want to be. The world is filled with new friends that you can make around every corner.

It may seem intimidating at first, but I promise that if you let yourself go into the moment and open up, you will make the most amazing friends.

I remember when I was just sitting at the airport alone, and I made friends with this older couple and a younger man, and we four were the most unlikeliest of friends. They truly inspired me to open up more and connect with people that I originally did not think I would have anything in common with. 

So step out of your comfort levels, and make new friends when traveling alone. 

Just keep in mind that traveling solo can get lonely. Especially, if you wanted to share your amazing experience with another person or friends. 

My Honest Opinion: 

If you’re someone who loves making new connections and enjoys occasional alone time, solo travel can be deeply rewarding. 

But if the thought of being on your own in unfamiliar places makes you uneasy, then you may want to reconsider traveling alone. 

(At least for the first time, but I dare you to challenge yourself on your next trip). 

Group Tour:


  • A built-in social group to share experiences. 
  • Opportunities to forge new friendships


  • Less authentic engagement with locals. 
  • Potential for personality clashes within the group.


When you’re traveling with a group, you can make instant lifelong travel buddies. From day one, you’ve got a squad of friends to share your journeys with. 

Whether you’re laughing on the bus, or enjoying a group dinner, the memories you make are shared.

Whenever I travel in a group, I always meet the most amazing people who share the same interests as me. (Because you are choosing your itinerary based on your interest). Even now, I am still friends with many of them, and we are planning future trips together. 

So you have the opportunity to make lifelong travel friendships. 

But let’s be real. Any time you mix a bunch of random people, you may have a few personality clashes. Not everyone might be your cup of tea (however, it is good to expand your personality horizons).

Some group tours even have the option to travel exclusively with other women, or you can choose groups based on your age, relationships, traveling style, etc so you can travel with people that you feel the most comfortable with. 

My Honest Opinion: 

If you’re the type who loves shared experiences, thrives in group settings, and values having company, a group tour is a great pick. 

But if you’re looking for deeper cultural immersion or if you’re someone who values a lot of alone time, a group setting may be more restrictive.


Traveling Solo:


  • Overall spend less money 
  • Potential to save money by finding deals, 
  • Control your budget 


  • Lack of group discounts. 
  • Potentially higher costs for accommodation as a single traveler.


Going solo means you’ve got full control over your budget. You have the freedom to opt for budget-friendly accommodations, skip pricey attractions, or splurge only on what matters most to you.

This means you’re in control of your trip and budget at all times!

However, have you ever noticed how things can get cheaper when you buy in bulk? That’s kind of how group discounts work. 

Solo travelers often miss out on these great deals. 

When I was traveling with a group to Africa, every night we stayed at a nice 5-star lodge that was $900 per night. Which is definitely out of my budget!!!! 

However, since we were in a group, we got a significant group discount that was unparalleled to the cost that I would have paid when traveling alone. 

However, if you want to travel solo on a budget, then you can opt to stay at cheaper hotels or hostels. 

My Honest Opinion: 

So, if you’re the kind of traveler who loves the thrill of finding a bargain and making budget decisions on the fly, solo travel is right up your alley. 

But if you’re looking for those sweet group savings or don’t want the hassle of constantly budgeting, then you may want to think twice.

Group Tour: 


  • You get group discounts. 
  • Know all of your costs upfront.


  • May pay for things you’re not interested in. 
  • Less budget friendly flexibility 
  • Pay a premium to have hassle free traveling


If you like knowing upfront how much your trip will cost and want most of it bundled together, then group tours are awesome for this.

You get a package deal that often includes your stays, transportation, some meals, and a bunch of attractions.

It’s especially great if you don’t want to dive into the nitty-gritty of planning each expense.

Plus, with group discounts and bulk bookings, you might end up saving a few bucks.

However, what if the tour includes a fancy dinner you could do without? Or a museum you’re just not that into? Sometimes, you might end up paying for stuff you’d rather skip. 

And if you’re a budget master, you might see that you are paying a convenience premium for hassle-free traveling. 

My Honest Opinion: 

If you’re after simplicity and like the idea of most expenses being bundled, then group tours are the way to go. 

But if you’re on a strict budget and don’t like the idea of paying for experiences you might not enjoy, it could feel like you’re not getting the bang for your buck.

Freedom and Flexibility

Traveling Solo:


  • Complete freedom 
  • Customize your travel to your liking
  • Can be more spontaneous 


  • You make all the decisions 
  • You can potentially feel overwhelmed


When you travel solo, it is your trip, your way! Think about it: you get to explore places YOU choose, eat where YOU want, and leave when YOU’re ready. 

It’s all about what you want! So there is no need to compromise or wait for anyone. 

This means that you can also make spontaneous decisions that could enhance your trip more than ever imaginable. 

But, here’s the thing: with great freedom comes great responsibility. You make all the choices. And sometimes, that can be a bit much. 

Especially, when you are traveling to a new destination, it may be overwhelming to think about all the places you should go. Then to plan everything…… Just dizzy thinking about it. 

But, this fear should not hold you back from taking this unique opportunity to explore the world on your own. Instead, use it as a way to empower yourself and trust your decisions. 

Remember, you can always rely on local day groups when traveling to ensure you have a local perspective on the places you should go.

My Honest Opinion:

 If you love dancing to the beat of your own drum and don’t mind making all the decisions, solo travel is perfect for you. 

But if you’re the kind of person who gets stressed about picking where to eat for dinner, you might want to think twice before hopping on that solo journey. 

At least when you’re traveling solo for the first time. But on your second journey, try to challenge yourself to solo travel! 

Group Tour:


  • Itinerary is pre-planned, 
  • Reducing decision-making stress. 
  • Most, if not all, logistics are handled by the tour company.


  • Limited flexibility 
  • May be rushed on things you wanted to do 
  • Less personal input into the trip’s logistics.


Picture this: you wake up, grab breakfast, and then join your group, knowing that today’s adventures are all sorted.

 No Googling places, no getting lost, no stress! When you’re traveling with a tour group, you go straight to the best parts of your destination without any fuss. Or little to no planning on your part! 

However, there is a catch. You have limited flexibility on what you can do or can’t do. 

Most times, you are on a strict time schedule that prevents you from getting lost (in the best way) around town. Or you are unable to fully enjoy a place that you like. This is because you have to go to another destination that is set on the group’s schedule. 

Most tour groups do have 1-2 free days set into their itineraries that allow you to explore the area. On these days, you are responsible for your own activities (including cost and transportation), or you can book pre-paid excursions with the tour group. 

So you do have some freedom, but not as much as when traveling solo. 

My Honest Opinion:

If you’re the type who likes to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the planning, then group tours are your golden ticket.

But if you’re someone who loves to wander off the beaten path and do your own thing, it might get annoying that you are unable to explore on your own. 

Solo Travel Vs Group Travel: Other Key Considerations

Your Personal Travel Goals: Have you thought about what you really want from your trip? If it’s self-discovery, empowerment, and freedom, then solo travel might be your jam. 

But if you’re excited about shared laughs and group memories, then a tour could be right up your alley. 

Destination Concerns: Consider some of your top destination concerns and realistically decide if you feel comfortable addressing those concerns. 

Some places might be better suited for solo or group travel. So consider your destination’s primary travel concerns. 

Comfort Level for navigating a city alone: How comfortable are you in unfamiliar places? If it’s your first time traveling internationally, then I would highly recommend traveling with a group until you build your confidence.  

Experience Level: Consider your prior travel experiences, challenges, and your ability to adapt to new situations or quickly resolve issues. Novice travelers might feel more comfortable in groups, while seasoned ones might lean towards solo ventures.

Remember, it’s all about what feels right for you. Whether you’re soaking up culture alone or with new friends, choose the path that’ll make your travel dreams come true.


When you’re deciding whether to solo travel vs group travel, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. 

In the end, the best choice is all about YOU! 

Whether you want to travel alone or have a trip on your terms. You can make spontaneous decisions to enhance your trip in unique and amazing ways. However, you carry the burden of being the sole decision-maker and trip planner.   

Or if you want to use a tour group, You have the complete luxury of enjoying a vacation with little to no planning on your part. However, you’re typically stuck to a set itinerary and you pay a higher premium for hands-off travel planning. 

So consider what’s best for your own adventures and situations.

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