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Latest 38+ Best Solo Travel Statistics

Traveling solo is on the rise as more and more travelers are starting to travel alone

To ensure you have the most up-to-date solo travel statistics, only statistics as late as 2021 to as recent as today are used, so you have the latest solo travel statistics of 2024!

Within these statistics, you’ll not only find the hard-core facts but also get my personal insights and experiences as a solo traveler. So, you can benefit from both the raw data and an expert’s perspective on solo travel!

Main Statistics Takeaway:

  • More people are traveling alone than ever before:
    • 74% of solo travelers want to see the world and not wait for others.
    • Solo travel has increased 352% in google searches from 2004.
  • Iceland is the most peaceful country and is top ranked for one of the best destinations for solo travelers
  • On average, solo travelers spend between $1,000 and $2,000 USD per week worldwide.
  • 35% of the average trip length for solo travelers are 7 to 10 days, and 30% of trips last 3 to 5 days.

Please note: Each source used has been included at the end of each statistics as shown as (¹) for better ease of readability. Please also go to the end of the article for a list of all the sources used.

What Is Solo Travel?

Solo travel is when an individual travels somewhere alone and makes decisions based on their own needs or preference. 

A solo traveler may enjoy destinations, activities, places alone without partners or companions but may meet fellow travelers along the journey.

Why People Choose to Travel Alone

1. 74% of solo travelers want to see the world and not wait for others. (⁵)

2. 63% of travelers want to travel the way they want. (⁵)

3. 43.6% of solo travelers vacation alone because they do not have a travel partner with similar interests. (³)

As a solo traveler myself: I choose to travel alone because I prefer it. I get to travel to the places I want, participate in the activities that I enjoy, on a budget that works for me. 

When you travel solo, you travel your way. 

Which is why traveling solo is so appealing to others, as back up by these facts.

Where Is The Safest Place To Travel Alone?

Solo travel statistic of the safest place to visit
Solo travel statistic of the safest place to visit. Source: Vision of humanity

4. Iceland is in first place as the most peaceful country in the world and is consistently ranked as one of the best destinations to visit for first time solo travelers. 

5. In comparison, the United States Ranks in the 131 spots and the least peaceful country is Afghanistan at the 163 spot. (⁷)

As a solo traveler myself: My first time traveling alone was to Iceland. I highly enjoyed it, because the country felt extremely safe, the people were nice, and there were plenty of activities to enjoy!

I highly recommend Iceland to people that want a safe and fun time traveling alone!

Top Solo Travel Destinations:

6. The top solo destinations within the United States are California, Florida, and Colorado. (³)

7. Europe has been ranked as the top destination for solo travelers in 2022 and 2023. (⁵)

Solo Travelers Demographics:

What type of person travels alone?

8. In a 2023 survey response from Solo Traveler World of 2,3337 Respondents:

66% are Americans, 

21% are Candians,

83% are Female,

17% are Males,

9. An average of 18% of travelers are between the ages of 17-21 years old when they first traveled alone. (²)

10. 35% of travelers are between the age of 22-25 years old when they first travel alone. (²)

As a solo traveler myself: I first traveled alone at the age of 20 and I have taken a solo trip every year ever since.

Spending Habits of Solo Travelers:

Solo travel statistics average budget
Solo travel statistics average budget. Source: Statista

11. Solo travelers worldwide spend on average $1,000- $2,000 USD weekly, excluding airfare. (⁶)

12. In 2023, there was a 4% increase in solo travelers spending over 4,000 a week compared to 2022, excluding airfare. (⁵)

13. European solo travelers spend an average of 283 EUR per booking. (⁶)

14. Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) plan to spend an average of $1,142 per trip. (⁴)

15. Gen X travelers (those born between 1965 and 1979/80) spend around $670 total per trip. (⁴)

16. Solo travelers spend most of their budget on food (20%), transportation (19%), and accommodation (17%). (⁵)

As a solo traveler myself: The best thing about traveling alone is spending money on what matters the most to you. For me, I love doing unique experiences and  adventurous activities, so that is where I spend most of my budget.  

Trends in Solo Travel:

Solo travel statistics of increase in searches
Solo travel statistics of increase in searches

17. Solo Travel has a 352% increase in google searches from 2004 based on google trends data. 

18. Between 2018-2023, there was a 266% increase in US based google searches for solo travel. 

19. Google Trend Data’s shows that there was a 165% increase in USA based google searches for solo travel between 2004-Sep 2023.

Solo Travelers Behavior:

20. Pre-pandemic, 14% of travelers were planning a trip alone, but in 2021, this figure increased significantly to 23% of travelers traveling solo. (¹)

21. When it comes to the duration of solo travelers’ trips, 35% opt for trips between 7 to 10 days, while 30% prefer shorter trips of 3 to 5 days. (²) 

As a solo traveler myself: When I travel abroad, my trips last between 10-12 days. However, if I am traveling domestically then the trip lasts less than 5 days. 

22. 79.3% of 2,337 survey respondents plan to take two or more trips in 2024. (⁵)

23. 74.1% of 2,337 surrey respondents plan to take trips of 2 to 3 weeks or more in 2024. (⁵)

As a solo traveler myself: For 2024, I am planning on taking at least 1 solo trip that will last in 2 weeks. However, the year is still young, so I may end up taking more trips by myself.

Statistics for those that travel individually vs with an escorted tour
Statistics for those that travel individually vs with an escorted tour. Source: Solo Traveler World

24. 73% of respondents travel independently, whereas, 50% travel with an escorted tour. (⁵)

25. In 2023, there was a 3.9% increase in solo travelers stating ‘yes’ that they have traveled with a tour group compared to 2022. (⁵)

As a solo traveler myself: I have traveled both solo and with a guided tour. There are pros and cons to traveling alone vs with a group

I highly recommend traveling with a group if you do not want or have time to plan a trip, want to see all the highlights of an area, or if you do not feel comfortable traveling alone. 

However, I always encourage people to travel alone because of the numerous benefits that traveling alone brings, including the ability to grow your confidence and decision making skills.

Solo Travel Activities:

26. 50% of respondents want to explore new places and immerse themselves in local culture. (³)

As a solo traveler myself: Whenever I travel, I love to explore new places and visit iconic landmarks and attractions. Immersing myself in the local culture is also one of my favorite things to do and is the highlight of my trip.

American Solo Travel Statistics:

27. 1 in 4 Americans plan to take a solo trip within the next 6 months. (⁴)

28. The top 3 most visited cities in California for solo travel are Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Anaheim. (⁴)

International Solo Travel Statistics:

29. 41% of travelers from the United Kingdom pick out a destination based on shopping opportunities. (¹)

30. Over half (54%) of travelers from the United Kingdom actively seek off-the-beaten-path and rural experiences when traveling solo. (¹)

 31. In 2023, 37 percent of British travelers (1 in three respondents) claim they prefer to travel alone. (⁵)

Solo Female Travel Statistics:

32. According to a 2022 global survey, 74% of female solo travel respondents said that they were mainly interested in cultural sightseeing. (⁶)

33. 71% of solo female travelers are interested in experiencing wildlife and nature. (⁶)

Solo Male Travel Statistics:

34. 22% of American male’s were planning on traveling alone in 2022. (⁶)

Solo Travel Hotel & Accommodations:

35. When it comes to accommodations preferences, 17% of solo travelers prefer hotels, while 11% opt for hostels or vacation rentals. (²)

36. Nearly 60% of respondents, roughly two-thirds, emphasize the significance of amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi when choosing their accommodation. (¹)

37. 19% of travelers prioritize safety when choosing their accommodations, and 15% prioritize location. (²)

As a solo traveler myself: Free wifi, central location, and free airport transfers to the hotel and back are all factors that I personally consider when traveling.

These are all important safety considerations that all solo travelers should have while booking their trip.


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