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5 Unbelievably Cheap Solo Vacations You Must Book NOW

Traveling may seem like an expensive hobby, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

But there are millions of travelers that explore these popular destinations and enjoy cheap solo vacations from all across the world! 

So how can you travel solo on the cheap? And where the heck are these famously cheap destinations? 

For as little as $32 to $92 a day, you too can start planning your next solo trio to these cheapest countries from across the world!

Plus, you’ll get a breakdown of the common traveling costs in each country and tips on how to save money, so you travel even CHEAPER! 

So, let’s dive in.  

Vietnam: $42/ Day

Cheap solo vacations: Vietnam $42 A Day
Cheap solo vacations: Vietnam $42 A Day

Vietnam is a dream spot for travelers who want to visit a culturally rich place and don’t want to break the bank. Plus, you can enjoy some of the best street foods in the world for just a couple bucks a meal! Making Vietnam one of the perfect places for cheap solo vacations while traveling in Southeast Asia. Here what you can expect to pay:

Budget For:


  • Budget hostels: $5-15/night per dorm bed.
  • In North Vietnam, budget travelers can enjoy an affordable stay at a mid-range hotel for about $20 to $60 per night.

Food & Drinks:

  • Street food meals: $1-3/meal.
  • Causal meals at air-conditioned restaurants cost between $5 to $10.
  • Local Beer: $0.25 to $2.50 depending on your location and beer variety 


  • Local buses and trains: $5-10/day.
  • You can rent a motorbike, which is a popular mode of transportation, for just $10-15/day.
    • The price can fluctuate based on availability and the bike’s condition.
    • Don’t forget to budget for the cost of local gas

Estimated Total  for a budget solo trip in Vietnam for 7 days is approximately $296. 

= $130 (Accommodations) + $90.13 (Food & Drinks) + $76.5 (Transportation)= $296 

Other budget Consideration:

  • Cheapest months to travel: During typhoon season, around August to late September.
    • October is the cheapest month to fly to Vietnam due to the increase in typhoons during this time of year. 
  • Most expensive time to travel: During December to January during the holidays. 
  • The best time to travel: During the dry season, between November to April, you can enjoy dry and hot weather while also avoiding the monsoon season.
    • Weather and travel prices in Vietnam can vary by region, from the North, Central, and South regions. 

Must-Visit Spots:

While in Vietnam, you must visit Ha Long Bay, where you can explore over 1,600 islands and see the thousands-year-old rock formations that attract millions of annual visitors. Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site, meaning that this site has been recognized to have universal value to humanity by having scientific, historical, cultural, or other forms of significance. 

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Sigaon, is the largest city and one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. Here, you can visit museums, art galleries, shop at the iconic Ben Thanh Market, and eat all the food you can possibly dream of! 

India: $36/ Day

Cheap Solo Vacations: India for $36 a day
Cheap Solo Vacations: India for $36 a day

India is one of the cheapest countries and most affordable places to travel across the world. Making it a great starting point for solo travelers who want to travel to some of the best affordable destinations in the world. Plus, you can enjoy ancient traditions, vast landscapes, and some of the best street food in the world for just a couple of bucks a day!

Budget For:


  • Budget hostels will cost you around $5-10/night for a bed within a dorm.
  • Or you spend a little more for a private room for about $18 a day.  
  • Mid-range hotels can range from $12 to 20 a night, which includes basic amenities such as wifi. 
  • You can also find affordable accommodations at basic hotels that are centrally located in a popular city for around $30-40 a night.

Food & Drinks:

  • You can enjoy meals for around $2-4 at street vendors or local eateries, also known as dhabas.
    • You can even enjoy samosas for just about $1 each! 
  • A more elaborate meal at a decent restaurant would cost you around $8-12.
  • You can expect to pay less than $1-2 for a cup of coffee or tea. 
  • Beer at a local bar or pub would cost you around $2-6. However, the taxes on alcohol may increase within more popular cities. 


  • India has an amazing public transportation system across many cities from their local buses to trains systems. So you can explore solo among the favorite destinations across India on a tight budget! 
  • You can expect to pay $4-8 on their train for a medium distance in a sleeper class. Or you can pay $20 to travel halfway across the country in first class with AC with lots of room to yourself! Talk about traveling solo in style. 
  • Local buses and rickshaws: $1-3 per short trip.

Estimated total for solo travelers on a budget in India for 7 days: $253, excluding activities and flights.

= $82 (Accommodations) + $139 (Food & Drinks) + $32 (Transportation)

Other Budget Considerations:

  • Cheapest months to travel: June to September during the monsoon season.
    • The month of September is typically found to be the cheapest month to fly to India. 
  • Most expensive time to travel: November to January, which is the peak tourist season due to the pleasant weather and holiday season.
  • The best time to travel: For a blend of moderate weather and affordable destinations, consider a solo trip in the shoulder months of March and October.

Must See Spots:

The Taj Mahal, a symbol of timeless love, and is one of the 7 natures of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due its architectural marvel. Annually, over 8 million visitors come to admire the Taj Mahal with its ivory white marble beauty. 

While in India, you must visit its financial capital city, Mumbai. Filled with history, culture, art, and a vibrant nightlife, there is plenty to do while in the largest city in India. While in Mumbai, you must visit Colaba Causeway market which is a shopper’s paradise for antiques, apparel, and local handicrafts. 

Mexico: $52/ Day

Cheap Solo Vacations: Mexico for $52 a day
Cheap Solo Vacations: Mexico for $52 a day

Mexico is a country known for its stunning beaches, finger-lickin’s good food, and vibrant culture! For a solo traveler eager to experience a mix of adventure and relaxation, without burning a hole in the pocket, Mexico stands out as one of the top choices for cheap solo vacations.

Budget For:


  • Budget hostels: $10-15/night for a dorm bed. 
  • If you would like a private room in comfortable hostels, you can anticipate paying $30-40 per night. 
  • Average accommodation costs for a hotel in the city center may charge around $100-200/night. 

Food & Drinks:

  • Local taquerias or street vendors: $3-6/meal.
    • And trust me, you haven’t truly tasted tacos until you’ve tried them in their motherland!
  • A three-course meal at a more upscale (yet still affordable) restaurant will be around $10-20, depending on the region and the type of cuisine.


  • Most travelers travel by shared vans, also known as colectivos for around $1-5/day.
    • Here you will be in a small van with around 10 other people. Colectivos are an extremely affordable way to travel around Mexico while experiencing the local life! 
  • Local buses cost around $5-20, depending on where you are going
    • Expect to pay around $12 for an hour-long trip and they are more comfortable and faster than colectivos for long distances. 
  • Taxis and rideshares are also popular, especially in big cities, with an average short ride costing around $2-5.

Estimated total for solo travelers on a budget in Mexico for 7 days: $364, excluding activities and flights.

= $155 (Accommodations) + $168 (Food & Drinks) + $41 (Transportation)

Other Budget Considerations:

  • Cheapest months to travel: August to October. This is right towards the end of the summer season as prices are going down. September to October is considered to be the peak hurricane season, so you may experience rain during this time of year.
  • Most expensive time to travel: From late November to early January, which coincides with the holiday season.
  • The best time to travel: For great weather without the high prices, try visiting during October and January to April. 

Must-Visit Spots:

A 45 minute drive from the center of Mexico City, solo travelers can climb the 65-meter tall Pyramid of the Sun for a panoramic view of Teotihuacán. You can opt for a guided tour around the Pyramid of the Moon and the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. 

If you’re vacationing in Tulum you can explore the sea-facing El Castillo temple in the ancient Mayan city. Or you can relax at Playa Paraiso, known for its pristine white sands, or dive into the Gran Cenote, a popular spot for snorkeling among the locals.

Portugal: $78/ Day

Cheap Solo Vacations: Portugal for $78 a day
Cheap Solo Vacations: Portugal for $78 a day

Portugal is every traveler’s European vacation dream, especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget. With its natural beauty, fascinating history, delicious cuisine, and ideal beach destination, Portugal promises a solo adventure of your lifetime. 

Portugal is also a safe destination for solo female travelers looking for cheap solo vacations.

If you are looking for an immersive experience without an expensive price tag, Portugal is a top pick for affordable European vacations.

Budget For: 


  • Budget hostels: 10-15 EUR/night per dorm bed or 30-40 EUR for a private room. 
  • Mid-range hotels can range from 60-80 EUR a night in cities like Porto and Lisbon. 

Food & Drinks:

  • Foods at casual restaurants can cost around $8 to 10/meal.
    • You must try Portuguese classic foods like bacalhau (salt cod) or the irresistible pastel de nata (custard tart).
  • Small meals or snacks at local cafes: 2-5 EUR
  • Three-course meals are around 20 EUR
  • Local beer costs about 3 EUR


  • Using the metro and tram day pass is around 6.50 EUR and a one-way ticket for 3 EUR. 
  • You can also rent a basic city bike for around 10-15 EUR per day. This is an efficient way to discover hidden gems and soak in local customs. 
  • Renting a car is a popular mode of transportation for most tourists, especially if you want to explore the countryside. Prices can start from $30/day, but remember to budget for fuel.

Estimated total for a budgeted solo trip in Portugal for 7 days: 547 EUR, excluding activities and flights.

= 202.5 EUR (Accommodations) + 248.5 EUR (Food & Drinks) + 96 EUR (Transportation)

Other Budget Considerations:

  • Cheapest months to travel: February to April. These months are just before the peak summer season, giving you great weather without the crowds.
  • The most expensive time to travel: is July to August. This is considered peak season due to the amazing summer weather and this is when prices surge.
  • The best time to travel: If you’re looking for a balance of good weather, while the prices are still affordable then try visiting in March to May or in September.

Must-Visit Spots:

In Lisbon, the vibrant city capital of Portugal, you must ride the iconic Tram 28. This historic tram takes you through a 40-minute journey, across popular districts like Graca, Alfama, Baixa, and Estrela. You can enjoy panoramic views of the city’s landmarks, including the Se Cathedral and the São Jorge Castle.

You must visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Praia da Marinha. Algarve’s. Praia da Marinha is recognized for its signature golden cliffs and turquoise waters. Here, most travelers can explore underwater caves and snorkel around the amazing marine animals.

Mississippi: $92/ Day

Mississippi River

Rooted in Civil Rights history, blues music, and tantalizing Southern cuisine, Mississippi is worth exploring for solo travelers that want to vacation within the United States without stretching their wallet too thin. Mississippi is often overlooked for the best destinations for solo travelers to visit within the United States, however, it is a great spot for those on a budget.

Budget For:


  • Budget hostels: $20-30/night for a dorm bed.
  • Mid-range or budget hotels: $60-80/night.

Food & Drinks:

  • Mississippi is famous for its barbecue, fried catfish, and tamales. You can expect to pay around $10-17 for a local lunch meal. 
  • A nice dinner meal can cost you around $24-30
  • Local beer will cost you around $5-6 depending on the brew and your establishment.
  • A cup would cost around $2-3 at local cafes.


  • Local buses operate within most major cities and typically cost around $1-2 per ride.
  • A popular mode of transportation for travelers is by using the Amtrak train system, which has several stops throughout Mississippi. Costs can vary but expect to pay around $15-40 depending on the distance and type of ticket.
  • You can also rent a car for around $69-100, not including the cost for fees and gas. 

Estimated total for a budget solo traveler in Mississippi for 7 days: $650, excluding activities, additional car fees, gas, and flights.

= $310 (Accommodations) + $220.5 (Food & Drinks) + $119.5 (Transportation)

Other Budget Considerations:

  • Cheapest months to travel: January to early March. The temperatures are cooler, and flights tend to be the cheapest in these months.
  • Most expensive time to travel: Late spring to early summer (May to June), when festivals and events are in full swing.
  • The best time to travel: Fall (September to October) brings pleasant weather and the vibrant colors of changing leaves.

Must-Visit Spots:

While in Mississippi, you must visit the birthplace of the blues, in the Delta blues Museum in Clarksdale. This museum provides an immersive experience, showcasing the stories and music of legendary blues musicians.

If you are taking a road trip through Mississippi, I would highly recommend driving through the Natchez Trace Parkway. On this 444-mile drive, you can enjoy beautiful scenic views and historical markers. Along the way, you can visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore near Biloxi to explore the pristine beaches and historic forts. 

This is a perfect spot for solo travelers looking to enjoy nature’s beauty and Mississippi’s rich history.

5 Tips for Cheap Solo Vacations

We all love to travel, and what’s better than getting the most out of your travel budget. Here are 5 tips to help you save money and enjoy an even CHEAPER vacation:

  1. Book flights through budget airlines and all other accommodation well in advance. You can secure the best deals, and receive a wider selection to choose from.
  2. While traveling through the city, try traveling like a local. You can embrace public transportation systems like buses, trams, and evening biking! It’s the cheapest way to travel and you can get an inside look at daily life in your destination. Plus, this will help you travel more sustainably!
  3. Consider city passes or discount cards. They can provide substantial savings and often allow you to skip long lines at popular sites.
  4. Shop at local grocery stores and pack small snacks or lunches while you’re traveling. 
  5. Look into budget friendly accommodations, such as hotels or hostels that offer free breakfast! You can even take a banana or two with you as a snack for the road! 

How The Research Was Conducted: 

When doing my research to find the cheap solo vacations across the world, here is what I took into consideration:

  • While I strive to provide the most up to date information, prices can change frequently based on numerous factors such as the geographic location, inflation, time of year, etc. 
  • When calculating the estimated total for each destination, I averaged the mid price point of each category based on 7 days of traveling. Then I assumed, how a budget solo traveler, such as myself, would travel such as spending 5 days in a hostel and 2 days in a mid range hotel.
    • Your budget may change based on your preference and traveling style. 
  • Each estimated weekly total is based on an approximation from the prices used within this article.


Your next solo trip doesn’t have to break the bank. 

If you are charmed by Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a standout choice at a low cost of $42 a day. Or you can treat your taste buds by enjoying some of the best flavors in the world in India for $36 a day.

If you want to experience the rich culture in Europe while traveling in a safe destination, you can enjoy a cheap vacation in Portugal for as low as $78 a day!

If you want some Latin spice, then Mexico offers a feast for just $52 a day. 

And if you want to solo travel within the United States, Mississippi offers a great cheap solo vacations for around $92 a day! 

No matter the continent, there’s a budget friendly adventure waiting for you to explore it!

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